Dalkey, is a compact town with a great deal of history and charactor. It was designated a Heritage Town in 1994. Timmy Ryan, an esteemed local, tells a story regarding his Grandfather Joe Ryan, who came to live in Dalkey age two. In the town, man and boy for a mere 68 years, Joe could be found with old pals on fine days, swapping yarns, sitting in the sun on the bench by Webster’s Corner as it was then known. (This same sunny bench can be found in front of the double hoardings down the end of town). One day a heated discussion on Dalkey matters arose, Joe offered his opinion and was immediately told to shut up, after all what did he know wasn't he only a blow in.

Since 1787, with the odd break here and there, Dalkey had an elected King. A sight to behold in his magnificent cloak and crown, Finbarr, the present reigning King of Dalkey, presides over most major celebrations.

We suppose it was economic progress that forced the emigration of many Bulloch families on the long trek up the hill to the Kingdom of Dalkey. They have never forgotten their roots. Read Susan Homan's account of her childhood and Donal Smyth's continuing research of Bulloch.

Ardbrugh village with the quarries and families from the "big houses" hold many another pages of local history. Each and every residential area has a story to tell and we must not forget our parks and coastline.

Arriving from the Dun Laoghaire direction into, the aptly named Castle St., you will find Archbold's Castle to the right and Goat Castle-our Town Hall and Heritage Centre to the left, facing the Church of the Assumption and the Church car park. Either on or within a few paces of Castle Street you will find a mere 6 pubs all serving food. A further dozen or so restaurants to whet your appetite, a library, banks, shops and businesses of every conceivable type and variety, schools, doctor's surgery and a health centre. The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) is situated a 3 minute walk down Castle St., and on up Railway Road. Much of the above are featured on our virtual tours.

It was said by many living beyond the boundaries of our town that those of us living in the Kingdom of Dalkey think we need a visa to leave, as so few if any, ever want to move away. Well one thing is sure you don't need a visa to visit, and Dalkey Community Council extends a thousand welcomes to you. We hope you enjoy this sample of past and present life in our town. Like the vibrant town it is, it continues to grow and change as reflected here on DalkeyHomePage. Visitors a cautionary note, as you stroll around, do not be reckless and mention the term “village” with regard to Dalkey. You will be told, in no uncertain manner, that Dalkey is a town, by the grace of God, always was and will continue to be.

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