Aerial Photographs of Dalkey - click picture to enlarge
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Loreto Abbey
Bullock Harbour
Coliemore Harbour
Coliemore Harbour
Loreto Abbey Dalkey (7073 bytes)
Bulloch looking back to Castlepark School(7470 bytes)
Coliemore Harbour & Road (7900 bytes)
Close up of Coliemore (6782 bytes)
Cliff Castle Hotel
Dalkey by the DART station
Dalkey Castle Street
Dalkey Street Scape
Cliffcastle &  (7776 bytes)
Dart over to Tramyard (8547 bytes)
Dalkey Mainstreet (8214 bytes)
Dart medium picture (6108 bytes)
Dalkey Island
Dalkey Sound
Dalkey Hill & Quarry
Sorrento Terrace
Dalkey Island (4120 bytes)
Dalkey Sound (7844 bytes)
View over Quarries towards Bray (7077 bytes)
Sorrentoterrace & Lamb Island(5871 bytes)
Dalkeys infamous "squareabout"
and McDonaghs Pub.
Martello Tower
Looking towards
Dun Laoghaire
Dun Laoghaire Pier
McDonagh's &  Entrance to Dalkey Town (7844 bytes)
Martello Tower at Sandycove (7270 bytes)
Looking towards dunlaoghaire (5769 bytes)
Dun Laoghaire East pier (5297 bytes)

Originals of the above aerial pictures are available at cost of copy and postage, should you want to use them in a publication plus an acknowledgement of source
This summers walks in Dalkey This is a list of this summers live walks (not virtual) and details of past walks. Many Thanks to Alice Cullen for her work on this piece.
Tour A This tour has just expanded, soak up the atmosphere (snapshots by Fergus).
Tour B This walk around Dalkey was originally a slide show given to us by Gladys Green, and the credit for this excellent piece of work should go to her.

Other Pictures are available as wallpaper suitable for a variety of different screen sizes (BMP & JPG

Postcards of Dalkey Points of Interest around Dalkey (by Hall of Pictures)

This page was developed with the help of Fergus Wheatley & his friend Brendan Fogarty (commercial / industrial photography), who organised a buzz around Dalkey in an absolutely tiny helicopter. 
The pilot was nice enough to take the door off so the photographs, taken by novice photographer Fergus, turned out pretty good. These photographs are mostly quite big, about 1000 pixels wide, so you will have to wait while they download.
But it will be worth it, they will allow you to explore Dalkey from the air.