5th August 1922


Vigilance Of The Troops in South Co. Dublin

National troops yesterday afternoon routed out some Irregulars who had for some time past occupied the old telegraph tower known as Dalkey Castle, overlooking Dalkey Quarry.

The soldiers went up in two lorries, one detachment consisting of the men from Beggars Bush and the other under the command of Lieut. T. Walsh, was supplied by the Brigadier Niall MacNeill.

As an advance guard approached the tower they were fired on. The four men forming the advance guard sustained no casualties . They returned the fire, and the other troops approaching in open formation found the tower empty. The firing on the hill caused much excitement among the residents to the locality.

Three arrests were effected yesterday by the troops under the command of brigadier MacNeill in the South Co. Dublin area.

A quantity of ammunition was discovered by National troops in an outhouse in the Killiney area.

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