Old Dublin Society to Visit Dalkey

The Old Dublin Society on Saturday next will visit the Kindom of Dalkey or the Port of the Seven Castles. The visit will coincide with the anniversary of the coronation of the president of the society, Alderman T. Kelly T.D. in 1934 as "King of Dalkey, Emperor of the Muglins, Prince of the Holy Island of Magee, and Elector of Lambay and Ireland's Eye, Defender of his own Faith and Respector of all others and Sovereign of the Most Illustrious Order of the Lobster and Periwinkle."

The evening will begin with a visit to the churchyard which contains the ruined church of St. Begnet, the Virgin, who flourished in the seventh century. In the churchyard there is one of the most important stones in County Dublin: from its marking, cups and concentric circles and the cross within the circle, is a link between the incised slabs of Tully and Rathmichael and the free standing crosses.

Mr. M.F. O'Flanagan, who read a most interesting paper early in the year on Old Dalkey, by his intimate knowledge will be the guide. Two of the seven castles still remain, Dalkey Castle (Town Hall) and Bullock Castle, both structures of the twelfth century are familiar to most people, but how many know that the Bull Lighthouse, the base of Butt bridge and the Thames Embankment are built of Bullock Rock or that the harbour of Dun Laoghaire was built from the quarries of Dalkey, or that the Atmospheric Railway ran from Dalkey to Kingstown (as it was then) from 1844 to 1851 and that traces of it still remain. How many know of the subterranean passage near the Loreto Convent, yet, this passage, some 7 ft. high and lighted at intervals by circular grating, leads to a well known as "Lady's Well."

Again, what diverse personages were associated with Dalkey. For instance, Dowland, a contemporary and intimate friend of Shakespeare, to whom there is a metal plaque in colours in the Dalkey Park; Sir Edward Carson, who in the 80's lived at Mount Alverno; George Bernard Shaw, who was reared in Torca Cottage, or Michael Davitt, who just previous to his death lived at St. Justin's.

The 'buses will leave Burgh Quay at 3pmn and tea is arranged for at six o'clock at Court na Farraga.

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