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Why your business needs a Web site.

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What are your Goals

As with most other business efforts, it's important to decide on your goals before you start on a Web site. Focusing on the results you expect before you start helps clarify the path for attaining those results. You may be able to adapt some of the following goals.

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How to achieve your Goals

Having decided that you want a Web site, and secondly have some idea on what you would like the Web site to achieve, you can start deciding on what form your Web site will take.

Who's The Audience

Depending on the nature of your business, you may already have a very good idea of who your customers are. For example, if you sell fishing equipment, most of your customers are probably fishermen. On the other hand if you were setting up a storefront for your giftware business, your customers may not have much in common.

It is important to think about who you are trying to reach with your Web presence. An appealing well-designed Web site will draw in lots of casual browsers, and that's good - but an appealing, well-designed, well-tailored site will draw in casual visitors and the customers you hope to reach. Think about the following issues when picturing your audience:

What's The Content?

If you have followed the preceding steps, you now have good mental picture of what you want your Web site to offer and who you are trying to reach. Once you have a clear vision in these two areas, selecting the proper content is easy. The following guidelines can be useful during the selection process:

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Golden Rules for a sucessful Web presence

A successful web page depends above all on the thought a business owner or manager gives to it's implementation. A web designer no matter how good does not know your business like you do.
However following these few golden rules should make your Web presence a sucess.

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What Cyber House services can do for you

By now you should have some feel for the issues involved in Web design. It is important that you understand the issues involved before specifing your web site. Poorly understood Internet issues can lead you part with considerably more money than necessary for something you don't need that is expensive(in man-hours) to update and maintain. You may also feel that you will be able to "spin" your own page yourself. If so there is many books around telling you how to go about this.

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A real life ongoing example

In designing this Dalkey Home Page, we had a few different objectives in mind, namely:

Our audience is a general cross section of the local community, therefore we have designed a page that we hope will appeal to that cross section. We also hope to reach tourists and people interested in Ireland and thus raise revenue through advertising local businesses. It is envisaged at this point that money raised will be put back into the page by paying for links from high profile sites such as Bord Failte's. This we hope will ensure that the site will be heavily used.

The Content Dalkey Home Page has to appeal to a large cross section of the community, our customer base so to speak. We have done this by providing information and news in an easy to find format.

Telling the WorldThis site is due to launched on June 1st. To launch a page before it is proberely finished will just turn people off. After June it should be impossible not to trip over us using one of the major search engines and a variety of other places. We are confident of generating major traffic to Dalkey Home Page.

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