27th Oct 1922



About forty armed men, supposed to be members of the irregular forces, made a sudden decent of Dalkey last night at 8.40.

Posting sentries in the vicinity of the police station, they succeeded in gaining entrance to that building, where the held up the police on duty at the point of a revolver.

The proceeded to search the place, and seized three automatic revolvers and a quantity on ammunition for the weapons. These weapons were used by the police for the purpose of killing dogs and for similar purposes.

The raiders also took possession of two rook rifles and a Lee-Enfield rifle, which were private property.

They then left without doing any damage to the premises, and it is stated that they did not interfere with the telephone instruments.

Owing to the late hour at which the raid occurred very few of the inhabitants of the town were aware of what was happening, and the raiders came and left comparatively unnoticed .

Only a few of the raiders entered the police station, the others remaining outside on picket duty. They were all young men, none being more than thirty years of age, and were not disguised in any way.

Their attitude towards the police is described as"civil enough in the circumstances".

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