The Tram Yard Dalkey
From Harry Latham's Book
"Dalkey Walks No. 1"
The Tramway Yard off Castle Street is clearly seen where the tracks still remain at the entrance gates.  These tram stables were constructed in the 1880's for the old horse trams and later on they were remodelled to house the electric -trams. On the left hand pillar as you enter the tramway yard one will notice the brick was cut away at an angle to allow for the much bigger trams which had been constructed in the 1930's, to enter the yard.

The tram had to cross the track on Ulverton to the "Wrong" side, that is the right hand side, so as to take the sweep of Castle Street into the tram-way entrance.  The last tram to leave Dalkey was in 1949.  In passing, one might mention there is the"Skeleton" of an old Directors Tram in the yard of a house called "Wolverton" on Barnhill Road. This tram was specially fitted out with carpets, velvet covered seats, a cocktail cabinet, writing bureau and Waterford glass lamps.

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