The Windmill looking down from Dalkey Hill
Dalkey Hill, Quarry and
Windmill viewed from Dalkey Avenue

The Windmill never worked too well, in a southerly wind it didn't work at all. In the end it lasted only 15 years.

Note the following information quoted from Harry Latham's book 'Walks in Dalkey' No 1(see pages 10 - 13)

"There was a truck railway constructed from the Quarry right down to old Dunleary, a distance of almost 3 miles. This railway was of cast iron rails with 2 tracks. There were 4 friction wheels from the quarry face down to the level of the present Barnhill Road, and from that point the horses took over the drawing of the trucks of stones down to old Dunleary. Each truck contained 20 tons of granite stones. By an ingenious method the full trucks pulled the empty trucks back up to the quarry face. This track became know locally as "The Metals" or "The Flags". The higher portion from Dalkey Ave., up to the Quarry face became know as the "Windmill Flags". There was, in fact, a windmill situated at this spot from 1860 until the end of the 19th century. Its job was to pump water from that level up to a smaller reservoir at the back of Dalkey Hill. This supplied pressure of water to the houses which were on Ard Solus and Torca. As mentioned before, the Atmospheric railway, which was constructed in 1844, was built alongside the old truck quarry railroad."

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